We design new homes, renovations, restorations and additions to existing homes. For as long as we can remember, we have studied old buildings and furniture to learn the secrets of their timeless appeal. We have a deep appreciation for traditional New England farmhouse design, and we are also drawn to the clean, simple lines of modern Scandinavian architecture, the time-tested beauty of Greek architecture, and the honest use of natural materials of indigenous cultures worldwide. We are inspired to reduce climate change through better buildings, and to designing buildings and homesteads that will be resilient in an uncertain future. 



We work closely with you to discover your inspirations and values, and serve as a guide through the complicated process of designing and building a new home or renovation. Design projects of all sizes follow the same path.

Pre-Design: We meet with you to find out what you want to build—your Program. Then we collect information on existing conditions, whether that means measuring and existing building or reviewing a site plan for a new home.

Conceptual Design: We use the information we have gathered and our skills and experience to create one or more Schematic Designs, which show the design concept but do not have much detail.

Design Development: Once we have agreed on a Schematic Design, we work through most of the building details during this stage.

Construction Documents: The last pre-construction stage is to put together the necessary drawings and associated information for building contracts and permitting.

Construction Administration: We see our projects to completion through regular site visits during construction, and by being available to answer questions from you or your builder.