We design new homes inspired by the past but attuned to modern living. Our new homes meet either the stringent, international Passive House building energy standard, or the “sweet spot” between expenditures and efficiency described by the Pretty Good House standard.


Most of our career has been designing or building renovations, restorations or additions. We enjoy giving new life to old buildings through improved functionality, increased durability and sensitive energy efficiency upgrades.


As enthusiastic cooks, kitchens that work are one of our specialties; we have designed dozens of highly tailored custom kitchens for demanding clients. We also enjoy designing vanities, bookcases, mantels, furniture and other millwork. We have a deep understanding of materials, and have studied the science and art of color and lighting, and can assist with those aspects of design.


As avid homesteaders aspiring toward self-sufficiency, we have studied and practice Permaculture-inspired landscaping at our farm and for clients, where every element serves a purpose and provides a net benefit to the ecosystem. We also design decks, pergolas, gazebos, fencing, stone walls, sheds, barns, pools and other garden structures, blending whimsy and function in our designs.